The Wonderful Beaches of Bali


Bali is famous for the exotic and finest beaches. I was so lucky that I could visit three beautiful beaches altogether during my recent trip to Bali. Kuta Beach, the famous one, gave me more than just fun and play. The black sands with colorful shells along the sea make this beach something extraordinary.


After browsing Kuta for several hours in the morning, I tried to find another beach in the southern area to search for something different, quieter moment to relax. And the decision went to Mengiat Beach. It is one of the finest beaches in Bali and located on the coastline of Nusa Dua, the exclusive and private resort area for the high-end travellers. The beach is really great for swimming, sun bathing or just walking along the golden sands.


The last day in Bali, on the way to leave the island, I stopped over to Soka Beach to take some beautiful shots as the sunset came in. This beach is rarely on the spot of the foreign tourists as often shadowed by many famous beaches in Bali. But the landscape, with huge rocks and the incredible waves from the Indian Ocean crushing the reef, is undoubtedly remarkable.


I do believe that Bali will always be on the list for a wonderful sunny holiday on Earth. The beaches factor make this island the paradise for escaping the daily tiresome routines, beside the enchantment of shopping and dining wonderland we can savor along the trip.



Green Canyon of Cijulang River

This great place is originally named Cukang Taneuh or then became the Green Canyon of Indonesia, after a French tourist came by and saw this tosca green flow of Cijulang River in 1993. Located in the western Ciamis, the Green Canyon has given me some splendid sightseeing as I was passing by the river that flanked by two greenery-hills on both sides.

The end of the cruise was the amazing waterfall, the cave, and the pond, filled with the clear, tosca green water, tempting anyone to jump down. Being there, on the river under the rocky hill, starring at the waterfall, made me feel like in the paradise, or at least somewhere in the place that existed in my dream only. Maybe God was smiling when created this wonderful place.

One Lovely Blog Award

Early August, Münchow’s Ceative Photo Blog nominated this blog for One Lovely Blog Award. It’s a great honor to me and I’m so delighted as I’m a newbie here on blogging world. Thank you Otto van Münchow for supporting my blog. Your blog is really inspiring to me!

Now, as for the rule of receiving this award, I should list down some things about myself and nominate 15 other bloggers for this award.

So, here are the things about myself :

  • I like and adore U2 since I was teen. They really have opened up my heart and mind as well as my ears.
  • I like ‘nasi goreng’. It’s a fried rice mixed with eggs, red chilies, garlic, onions, and some veggies. One of Barrack Obama’s faves when he was spending his childhood in Indonesia.
  • I like yoghurt and ice cream.
  • I like drawing and painting.
  • I like Van Gogh’s paintings. The colors are so awesome!
  • I like seeing and capturing the sky and the clouds.

And last but not least, I like to nominate these wonderful and inspiring blogs for One Lovely Blog Award :

Pangandaran Beach

Last June I had a chance to spend the summer holiday on Pangandaran Beach, located in southern Ciamis, West Java, Indonesia. The black sandy beaches facing the Indian Ocean in the eastern and western sides of the peninsula were so adorable, as I could enjoy the spectacular sightseeing of the sunrise and the sunset without leaving the land.

An earthquake from the Indian Ocean of 7.7 Ritcher scale then followed by Tsunami on July 2006 had hit the land and given the extensive destruction along the coastline. Hundreds were killed, including small numbers of foreign tourists. But today, as we can see here, it seem that the town and the people have awaken from the tragedy, knowing that the life must still go on.

Pangandaran is also well-known for the nature park in the southern land, that most of the area filled with the secondary rainforest. Thanks to the local guide that accompanied me and my family along the trip, we could explore several natural caves that treasure many enormous stalactites underground.

Being there for one night trip, Pangandaran had given me somethings extraordinary, an unforgettable escapade with a well-worth adventure, just to balance the inner things inside the body, and of course, the soul as well. Just can’t wait to see the next ones.

Trans Studio Mall

There are somethings extraordinary at mall actually, beside the shopping and dining factors. The elements -that make the mall so fascinating and awesome for the heart, mind and body as well- have impressed and pushed me to take a look at them little closer. So, these are some of my snapshots in capturing the feeling when I was at mall recently. Have fun!

The photographs were taken at Trans Studio Mall, Bandung, Indonesia on June, 2012.


I always enjoy the fascination of portraying the landscape of a place while having dine in somewhere. I think it is more than just ‘the foods’ or flavor orientations. It’s about the feeling of being somewhere new, pleasant, or perhaps meet the eyes. That was I felt when I had a chance to experience my lunch in a lush -filled with the greenery- restaurant, named Atmosphere in Bandung, back in 2008.

The place was so stunning with the Balinese accent in architecture and elements of interior. And it was not located somewhere around the hills -like dozens haute-restaurants in Bandung- but in the downtown area that fulled with cars and public transports jamming just outside the parking lot. As I stepped in, the chaotic feeling suddenly disappeared and changed into something calm, relaxing and harmonious, kind of well-being state of manner. And maybe, that was the point.

Lovely Plumeria Blossom

I just can’t stop capturing these amazing Plumeria in my parent’s small wonder garden. Plumeria is named in honor of the seventeenth-century French botanist Charles Plumier, who traveled to the New World documenting many plant and animal species. Though the flowers are often associated with something mystical, I think nobody can deny the beauty of Plumeria.

Past and Present

Past and Present, Asia Afrika Street, Bandung, Indonesia, 2012.

One thing that I like most in my hometown, Bandung, is the heritage of Art Deco buildings from Dutch East Indies era. According to Wikipedia, Bandung is one of the city that has largest remaining collections of 1920s Art Deco buildings in the world, with the notable work of several Dutch architects and planners. Many still remain, but some of the old buildings were deconstructed into something more modern and contemporary. Nothing will last forever, including this building also perhaps.

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