Fun and Loving Moments in the Forest

When I was kid I always had a dream to walk in the wood without having a kind of ‘horror’ illusion on my mind. I think this forest park, Cikole Resort and Adventure in Bandung, Indonesia, is the answer of my childhood dream. It has beautiful pictures that I always tag on my mind about the forest : tall trees, fallen leaves, wild flowers. This forest park is under management of Perum Perhutani, a state-owned company that has the right to manage the teak forest in Java-Madura islands of Indonesia.

There we can make some outdoor adventures in the woods by simply exploring the land or playing games in Bandung Treetop Adventure Park, that located along side with the woods.  We can fly like a free bird by crossing the Flying-Fox Challenges from trees to trees for about 160 cm long and 20 meters high above.

Instead of rushing the adrenalin, I chose just to walk around the forest, and of course captured anything my eyes could see with my camera. Let’s celebrate the loving moments… trees, leaves, flowers, fresh air, peaceful atmosphere, amazing landscapes and of course the colors…

Bandung Tree Top Adventure #8

All photographs by Tri Rahayu Kusumawati in Cikole Resort & Adventure, Bandung, Indonesia, 2012.


6 thoughts on “Fun and Loving Moments in the Forest

    • Thank you David..There are many beautiful scenes in Bandung but this forest park is truly amazing..:D..

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