The First, and Unforgettable Memories in Bali

Back in 2002, I had a chance to visit Bali, the island of paradise. Many amazing images I’d seen about this land before, but being there for the first time was a totally different experience.  It was like ‘love at the first sight’.  Bali was, and yes still is, definitely beautiful. The landscape of hills and mountains, spectacular coastlines and sandy beaches, greenery paddies fields down the hills combined with deeply spirituality and rich culture maximize this picturesque island to be the paradise on Earth.

The photos below were captured on that year -sometimes in the past. Some have changed, some stand still just the way they were. But as we know it, with all the unforgettable moments, first love never dies.

The coastal temple Pura Rambut Siwi, Negara, west Bali, heading south to Indian Ocean.

The coconuts trees surrounded the temple.

My brother took step on ‘the stairway to heaven’, linked the old temple Pura Rambut Siwi on the foreshore with the main one on the cliff.

The lush garden in Agung Rai Museum of Art, Ubud.

The ‘Mother Temple’ Pura Besakih, east Bali, was having reconstruction.

The water temple Pura Ulun Danu, stood gracefully on Lake Batan, Bedugul -the central highlands in Bali located 1700m above sea level.

People -with bright colorful dresses and sarongs- were entering the gate of the temple Pura Uluwatu for a spiritual event.

The tourists had to dress properly -with blue sarong and yellow sash that rented for free- in Uluwatu temple. My brother’s outfit looked perfectly match with the Balinese’s dresses -except the hat.

All photographs by Tri Rahayu Kusumawati in Bali, Indonesia, 2002.


10 thoughts on “The First, and Unforgettable Memories in Bali

  1. nice shots! finally meet another indonesian female in wordpress community 🙂 i visited besakih in 2010, it’s beautifully amazing. was just a bit bothered by some locals who forced me to have one of them as an ‘ojek’ and guide 😦

    • Nice to meet you also, sister..Well, you were not alone with that experience in Pura Besakih. One of the local suddenly came into our group and talked a lot about the place. As we’d got into the conversation finally he offered his service. I still remember how determined he was..always followed us and kept talking about this and that,though we never asked him..:D..Now it was part of the memories, but will be a good tip for the new one there.

  2. Bali is truly an amazing place – my wife and I visited recently and we had a great, great time. I hope that you enjoy living in such a wonderful place! I really like the second photo here; the way the trees are curving towards the left creates a nice image.

  3. Thank you Aaron for the feedback..your photos really have inspired me. Hope you and your wife could come to another city, or island, in Indonesia for next vacation and capture great moments here. Really happy also that you checked out this blog.

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