I always enjoy the fascination of portraying the landscape of a place while having dine in somewhere. I think it is more than just ‘the foods’ or flavor orientations. It’s about the feeling of being somewhere new, pleasant, or perhaps meet the eyes. That was I felt when I had a chance to experience my lunch in a lush -filled with the greenery- restaurant, named Atmosphere in Bandung, back in 2008.

The place was so stunning with the Balinese accent in architecture and elements of interior. And it was not located somewhere around the hills -like dozens haute-restaurants in Bandung- but in the downtown area that fulled with cars and public transports jamming just outside the parking lot. As I stepped in, the chaotic feeling suddenly disappeared and changed into something calm, relaxing and harmonious, kind of well-being state of manner. And maybe, that was the point.


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