Pangandaran Beach

Last June I had a chance to spend the summer holiday on Pangandaran Beach, located in southern Ciamis, West Java, Indonesia. The black sandy beaches facing the Indian Ocean in the eastern and western sides of the peninsula were so adorable, as I could enjoy the spectacular sightseeing of the sunrise and the sunset without leaving the land.

An earthquake from the Indian Ocean of 7.7 Ritcher scale then followed by Tsunami on July 2006 had hit the land and given the extensive destruction along the coastline. Hundreds were killed, including small numbers of foreign tourists. But today, as we can see here, it seem that the town and the people have awaken from the tragedy, knowing that the life must still go on.

Pangandaran is also well-known for the nature park in the southern land, that most of the area filled with the secondary rainforest. Thanks to the local guide that accompanied me and my family along the trip, we could explore several natural caves that treasure many enormous stalactites underground.

Being there for one night trip, Pangandaran had given me somethings extraordinary, an unforgettable escapade with a well-worth adventure, just to balance the inner things inside the body, and of course, the soul as well. Just can’t wait to see the next ones.


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