The Wonderful Beaches of Bali


Bali is famous for the exotic and finest beaches. I was so lucky that I could visit three beautiful beaches altogether during my recent trip to Bali. Kuta Beach, the famous one, gave me more than just fun and play. The black sands with colorful shells along the sea make this beach something extraordinary.


After browsing Kuta for several hours in the morning, I tried to find another beach in the southern area to search for something different, quieter moment to relax. And the decision went to Mengiat Beach. It is one of the finest beaches in Bali and located on the coastline of Nusa Dua, the exclusive and private resort area for the high-end travellers. The beach is really great for swimming, sun bathing or just walking along the golden sands.


The last day in Bali, on the way to leave the island, I stopped over to Soka Beach to take some beautiful shots as the sunset came in. This beach is rarely on the spot of the foreign tourists as often shadowed by many famous beaches in Bali. But the landscape, with huge rocks and the incredible waves from the Indian Ocean crushing the reef, is undoubtedly remarkable.


I do believe that Bali will always be on the list for a wonderful sunny holiday on Earth. The beaches factor make this island the paradise for escaping the daily tiresome routines, beside the enchantment of shopping and dining wonderland we can savor along the trip.



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